Turenne PharMedCo is Leading the Way in Resident Safety

The MDM by Crocus is at the center of Turenne PharMedCo's
RightMed Campaign. Left to right, Craig Miller, Vice President
Operations, with Pharmacy Technician Tammy Jackson.

| Montgomery, al — June 13, 2012 | 

As a part of its overall commitment to resident safety, Turenne PharMedCo is proud to announce the introduction of the MDM (Medication Detection Machine) distributed by Crocus Medical as a key element in its RightMed Campaign.  Turenne PharMedCo provides pharmacy services to over 5,000 residents in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities and other residential institutions.

The MDM is an automation tool designed to aid in the verification process of packaged medications. It is ideal for any hospital or long term care pharmacy utilizing automated packaging machines to produce multidose cellophane pouches. The MDM verifies the shape, quantity and color of each medication dispensed in each pouch in seconds, and stores a digital image of each pouch.

Turenne PharMedCo is the first company in the United States to adopt the MDM into its pharmacy operations.  “We are embracing pharmacy automation as a means to provide our customers and their residents with even greater service and the highest standard of safety and verification,” said Craig Miller, Vice President Operations.  “The MDM’s superior accuracy and ease of operation makes it a natural choice for us.  We’re proud to be the first, but our real satisfaction comes from knowing we are going that extra step for our residents’ safety.”

“Becoming the first pharmacy in the United States to adopt MDM technology solidifies Turenne PharMedCo as a true leader in patient safety,” stated Ben Szuuts, Sales Manager for Crocus Medical, the company responsible for the sale of this technology in the United States. “PharMedCo did their homework, stepped up to the plate and has truly advanced safety and efficiency in American healthcare,” said Szuuts. “Their commitment to ensuring no opportunity to eliminate the possibility for a medication error is overlooked is clearly evident in their implementation of this technology and Crocus Medical is very proud to be working with the PharMedCo team.”

Turenne PharMedCo is a full-service long term care pharmacy, medical supply distributor and Medicare Part B billing agent serving the long-term and assisted care, hospice, and home health industries across the Southeast since 1992.  For more information, contact Cushing Phillips, Director of Marketing, at (334) 244-0200, or cushing.phillips@pmcoteam.com.

Crocus Medical is dedicated to improving the safety of medication preparation through the development and supply of specialized error prevention products and equipment to the acute, long term, and community care markets. They specialize in medication compliance and distribution and are backed by over 48 years of industry experience.  To learn more, visit them at crocusmed.com.