pärt•nèr•íng — The process of two or more entities coming together
for the purpose of developing synergistic solutions to their challenges.




"We had used the same pharmacy for twelve years and were reluctant to make any kind of change. To make a long story short, we had to make that change for the good of our residents. We went with Turenne PharMedCo....There were multiple people in the building during the [conversion] process, and even before, to make sure not a med or order was missed. It went so smoothly I was shocked at the transition....For a facility that had no deficiencies in 2008/2009/2012 to make a change in pharmacies says a lot about our loyalty. We had no choice — but we made the right choice, and that was Turenne."

Brenda Owens, DON
Mission Convalescent Home



"For approximately three years, my facility has contracted with Turenne PharMedCo to provide our pharmacy needs. During my tenure as Administrator of Perry County Nursing Home I have had contracts with other pharmacy providers and I can honestly say that Turenne has surpassed all others and provided top notch service. Turenne's staff has been professional and gone out of their way to make sure to address any needs we have had. The management of Turenne PharMedCo has been active participants in this process and is always available if needed.

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Turenne PharMedCo to anyone who needs assistance with their pharmacy needs. Feel free to contact me with further questions or follow up at your convenience."

Brent Hinson, Adminstrator/Owner
Perry County Nursing Home



"I want to personally recommend Turenne PharMedCo for assisting us in providing exceptional medication administration. This is attributed to the support provided to us by the professional support staff at Turenne. I have worked in the residential services industry for the last 20 plus years and have had the opportunity to work with many different pharmacies that provide delivery and unit dose packaging. I have been impressed with the additional services such as support with billing questions to keep our families happy. I am very pleased with the auditing services that help us stay in line with regulatory compliance providing additional safety features to our medication procedures. It is a luxury to have the after hour delivery service to meet the immediate need of our residents. I cannot tell you how nice it has been to have the opportunity to work with the highly professional staff of Turenne PharMedCo."

Sheryl Klein, Executive Director
Elmcroft of Hendersonville Assisted Living & Memory Care



"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Turenne PharMedCo. I have worked with them for several years now.

"Turenne has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and confidentiality. In addition to their excellent accomplishments, they have proven to be an excellent pharmacy within their profession by continued success. Also, if for any reason you should have any issues, they will work with you to make sure it is resolved to your satisfaction."

Beverly Wolf, Administrator



"I am the Director of Resident Care Services at Belmont Village ALF in Memphis, Tenn. Approximately three months ago we started using the Accu-flo eMar system in our community. Turenne PharMedCo's staff was outstanding during the introduction, training and follow up of the Accu-flo system. They were here before the computers arrived to discuss the process with us and assisted with the set-up of the computers, then they assisted with all corrections and communication between the pharmacy and Accu-flo. They were here on all shifts and stayed a week or more actually, until we felt comfortable. They also were very prompt with any questions we had and very helpful in assisting with any bumps we hit as we went along. They continued to visit every week or more to be sure we were OK and to assist with any problems. Turenne PharMedCo employees that I have dealt with in person and on the phone are very pleasant, helpful and respond quickly."

Linda Bello, Director of Resident Care Services
Belmont Village of Memphis