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Accurate and Up-to-Date Medical Records
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Customized Medical Records

Turenne PharMedCo provides an array of customized medical records to establish consistency and promote accuracy, and to save valuable nursing time. All forms can be customized to meet the individual needs of your residents.

Decrease your transcription orders with our combination Physician Order Form (POF) and Medication Administration Record (MAR). Orders are right every time because each order is written only once! Keep your forms up-to-date and accurate by letting our Medical Records department review your carbon corrections monthly. Just let us know when you want to receive your updated POF/MAR each month and we'll deliver them, on-time and error-free.

Our Medical Records Package includes:

  • Medication Administration Record
  • Physician Order Combination Form
  • Physician Order Fax Form
  • Pre-printed New Admit Form
  • Behavior Management Form
  • Treatment Sheet
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Sheet

Looking for electronic records?  Check out our [Accu-flo medication administration system].  Already using an electronic health record system?  That's great — we're set up for American Health Tech (AHT), American Data's ECS, Answers On Demand (AOD) and Eldermark, and are always looking to expand our services.  Call us today at 1-866-710-7626 to discuss your eMAR and EHR needs.