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Experienced Staff

We employ a highly-experienced clinical staff who specialize in geriatric pharmacy. We designate a personal Dispensing Pharmacist and Customer Care Representative to each facility. This team concept promotes a trusting relationship and better communication between your staff and ours.  Our Consultant Pharmacists and Quality Assurance Coordinators have been trained in and are exposed to the survey process, so you get the highest caliber of support when you need it most.

Customer Relations Representative

Your facility will be provided a dedicated Customer Relations Representative. This is a member of our external pharmacy support team who will act as the liaison between your facility and the pharmacy.  You will receive regular visits to insure we are exceeding your expectations in every way possible.  And when problems do arise, your Customer Relations Representative will be there to set things right.

Custom Dispensing

Our commitment is to our residents and our customers.  We package and dispense medications the way YOU want them.  No two facilities are exactly the same, so we offer you the dispensing options you desire. Traditional blister packaging is available in 15/30/60/ and 90 day supplies. We can also package your medications in blister cards for time-pass administration. Due to the ease of reconciliation, blister cards are the preferred method for dispensing controls.

With the latest technology and over 2,000 beds on the ReadyMeds system — from group homes and assisted living facilities to skilled nursing and rehab facilities — Turenne PharMedCo is now your quality-driven leader in strip packaging, too! ReadyMeds with smart canister technology ensures your oral solids are packaged with the right drug, in the right dose, for the right time, and clearly labeled for the right resident.  Our advanced verification technology then verifies the contents of each pouch — not just by counting the number of pills, but by verifying the size, shape and color of every critical medication.

In all these cases, our professional pharmacy staff — working in our state-of-the-art DocuTrack-certified pharmacy — will insure your residents have the right medication, right away.

Enhanced Labeling

Both our standard prescription labels and our ReadyMeds' pouch imprints are custom-designed to make them easier to read and more intuitive, and to enhance resident safety with additional information such as the physical description of the medication(s).  Bar-coding for point-of-care administration is also available.  We are continually improving our systems to exceed your expectations!


At Turenne PharMedCo we equip you with every tool you need to keep pharmacy operations running smoothly within your facility and to work seamlessly with our pharmacy systems. We provide comprehensive Pharmacy Policy & Procedure manuals — in hard copy or electronically — along with Nursing Drug Handbooks and Physician's Desk References. Where needed, we also install fax machines and set up med carts for your use.

Expanded Hours (Alabama)

We have expanded our hours to serve you better!  We've put an end to the confusion about which cut-off time applies to what kind of order — ALL orders now have the SAME cut-off time — and we've PUSHED THAT BACK!  Any order we receive by 6:00 pm will go out the same night for delivery. Now those late admits don't always have to come from backup! 

You don't lock your doors on Saturday or Sunday, either.  Doctors are rounding, orders get changed.  You're admitting and discharging over the weekend, too.  Now you have the full support of your pharmacy.  New orders received by 3:00 pm will be delivered prior to that night's med pass. (*Limited Service Area)

We're not just your pharmacy — we're your partner in quality health care!

Personal Delivery

Having accurate and timely delivery is as important to us as it is to you. Our professional drivers will personally deliver to your facility and check off the manifest with the nurse(s) on duty.  We are one of the only providers still offering personal delivery service.  For those customers preferring a daytime delivery, we can package and ship your orders to you overnight via common carrier.

In addition to regular delivery service through the week, we now offer weekend delivery (Saturday AND Sunday) to select areas in Alabama.  New orders submitted through the backup service will be dispensed out of our Montgomery pharmacy and delivered in time for that evening's med pass.

Call us at 1-800-278-1777 to find out whether this service is available at your facility!

Emergency Service

We are NEVER closed.  An on-call pharmacist is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with backup pharmacy delivery available so your residents will never have to go without a needed medication.

To learn more, or to schedule a presentation, [Contact Us.]