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Full-Assignment Service for Your Part B Residents
Including Enteral Nutrition, Urological, Ostomy and Tracheostomy


Part B Services

Our Medicare Billing Division is a fully-accredited Medicare Part B provider that understands cash flow is the life blood of your business. Our record proves that we can increase your cash flow while reducing the administrative burden on you and your staff. We represent clients throughout the United States, billing Enteral Nutrition, Ostomy, Urology, and Tracheostomy. Our highly-qualified staff have the experience necessary to successfully bill and collect your claims.

  • Full Assignment:
    Turenne PharMedCo supplies the products to your eligible residents, then bills Medicare directly for reimbursement. Your facility doesn’t have to become a CMS DMERC supplier, and you don’t have to cash flow the cost of goods associated with billed products. You save time and money on staffing while focusing your attention directly on resident care.

  • Fee For Service:
    Turenne PharMedCo contracts services to your facility on a fee-per-transaction basis for claims submitted to Medicare. Turenne PharMedCo provides the product your eligible residents need and submits the claims to Medicare on behalf of your facility. You pay the contract price for those products and receive the reimbursement from Medicare.

  • Quality Check System:
    We ensure the correct documentation is submitted with every claim. Each claim is checked for accuracy at least three (3) times during the submission process. This system guarantees you and your residents the service you deserve.

  • Medical Supplies:
    Through our Medical Supply Division, Turenne PharMedCo can provide all the equipment and supplies you need to offer the highest level of care to your Part B residents.
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