Introducing ReadyMeds from Turenne PharMedCo

No other medication packaging system eliminates more labor-intensive steps so you can save time, money and your staff for more important things – like resident care.



  • ReadyMeds pouches are packaged sequentially, so the next med pass is always at your fingertips
  • ReadyMeds utilizes multi-dose packaging so you spend less time punching out each medication
  • ReadyMeds pouches are clearly labeled with all the information for the medication it contains so documentation is a snap


  • ReadyMeds are dispensed on a 7-day cycle so there’s less waste if an order is changed or discontinued
  • ReadyMeds are cycle-filled — no one will ever forget a reorder
  • ReadyMeds saves you money on dispensing fees with once-a month post-consumption billing


  • ReadyMeds uses smart canister technology, so the right pill gets in the right pouch
  • ReadyMeds uses advanced technology to verify the contents of each pouch, not just by counting the number of pills, but by verifying the shape, size and color of every critical medication
  • ReadyMeds has every medication barcoded on the pouch for point-of-care scanning