Tennessee pharmacy helps strengthen medication safety

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 11, 2017) — About 70 percent of Americans take at least one prescription medication and that number typically increases as people age. Seniors who live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities may find that they need more help to manage their medications and to ensure they are taking the right ones at the right time. A local pharmacy is working to help make medication distribution to people in need of help easier and safer.

Turenne PharMedCo, a pharmacy and medical supply distributor in Nashville has committed to enhancing their services to provide more simplified and user-friendly medication packaging for long-term care facilities. ReadyMeds STRIP Pack combines an advanced dispensing system with state-of –the art regulatory compliant packaging. For hundreds of pills at a time, the pharmacy’s machines not only sort each medication into individual prescriptions but also packages them in personalized imprinted pouches that inform caregivers and patients about the contents. Clear on one side, the pouches have the barcodes, names and dosages of each prescription on the other side so patients know exactly what medicines they are taking and when to take them. The pre-packaged pouches also save facilities time and reduces waste when a medication order is changed or discontinued.

“Facilities and caregivers often handle hundreds of medications a day and it’s important that they have solutions to make the process faster as well as safer,” said Wes Averitt, vice president of pharmacy services for Turenne PharMedCo.

In addition to providing a number of different packaging options, the pharmacy has implemented a system to strengthen security of medication storage and dispensing. Its ReadyMeds STAT Pack program is a new cloud-based technology and equipment system that streamlines and secures management of medications for health care facilities. The machines and technology help facilities to provide quick access to first dose medication and safely manage inventory and distribution, while increasing security and tracking usage. The more secure and advanced systems reduce errors, lower costs for the facilities and patients, and save time. The fingerprint access to the machine also helps control security and decrease medication diversion.

“This system tells you who has access to the medications, when they were pulled and for who they were pulled for,” Averitt said. “It’s vital to have a technology back-up that tracks usage while providing immediate access to residents in need of their medicines.”



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